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#include "grammar.hh"
#include "ast.hh"
namespace Parser
* Class representing a parser for the MysoreScript language. This
* inherits from the grammar and associates AST nodes with grammar rules.
class MysoreScriptParser : public pegmatite::ASTParserDelegate
#define CONNECT(cls, r) BindAST<AST::cls> r = MysoreScriptGrammar::get().r
CONNECT(Number, num);
CONNECT(Multiply, mul_op);
CONNECT(Divide, div_op);
CONNECT(Add, add_op);
CONNECT(Subtract, sub_op);
CONNECT(CmpNe, ne_cmp);
CONNECT(CmpEq, eq_cmp);
CONNECT(CmpLt, lt_cmp);
CONNECT(CmpGt, gt_cmp);
CONNECT(CmpLE, le_cmp);
CONNECT(CmpGE, ge_cmp);
CONNECT(StringLiteral, string_body);
CONNECT(Identifier, identifier);
CONNECT(ArgList, callArgList);
CONNECT(ParamList, argList);
CONNECT(ClosureDecl, closure);
CONNECT(VarRef, variable);
CONNECT(Assignment, assignment);
CONNECT(Call, call);
CONNECT(Decl, decl);
CONNECT(Return, ret);
CONNECT(IfStatement, ifStatement);
CONNECT(WhileLoop, whileLoop);
CONNECT(Statements, statements);
CONNECT(ClassDecl, cls);
CONNECT(NewExpr, newExpr);
#undef CONNECT
* The grammar that this parser uses.
const MysoreScriptGrammar &g = MysoreScriptGrammar::get();