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This self-study repository is designed to allow you to experience the SAFE stack based on a ready-made application that you can build on top of. It will take around 90 minutes for you to complete if you have no experience in any of these technologies.

The master branch contains the dojo to complete. Please read the for a guide on completing this dojo, to learn all about the SAFE Stack and F#. There is a "completed" version in the suggested-solution branch.

Install pre-requisites

You'll need to install the following pre-requisites in order to build SAFE applications

Starting the application

Before you run the project for the first time only you must install dotnet "local tools" with this command:

dotnet tool restore

Open the editor:

code .

Build and run in watch mode using the following command:

dotnet run

NOTE: You may have to allow dotnet or Server access to your public and/or private network.

Then open http://localhost:8080 in your browser. Arrange the windows so you can see both Code editor and the web browser.

Use the app

Type a UK postcode into the web app, e.g. "SW1A 2AA". Press "Fetch"

Completing the tasks

Search files (Ctrl+Shift+F or Edit --> Find in Files) and search through for "Task 1" to start completing the Dojo.

See for further details and hints about the tasks.

Going further: bundling your app

There is Bundle to package your app:

dotnet run -- Bundle

Going further: deploying to Azure

This requires these prerequisites:

First time run

az login

Then set the name of your app in Build.fs. The name must be globally unique and contain only alphanumeric or hyphen characters.

    let web = webApp {
        name "my-cool-app" // set the name of your app here

To deploy to Azure:

dotnet run -- Azure

SAFE Stack Documentation

If you want to know more about the full Azure Stack and all of it's components (including Azure) visit the official SAFE documentation.

You will find more documentation about the used F# components at the following places:


An introductory dojo to learn how to develop full stack web applications in F#







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