An introductory dojo to learn how to develop full stack web applications in F#
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This self-study repository is designed to allow you to experience the SAFE stack based on an ready-made application that you can build on top of. It will take around 90 minutes for you to complete if you have no experience in any of these technologies.

The master branch has the "incomplete" solution; please read the for a guide on completing this dojo to learn all about the SAFE Stack and F#. There is a "completed" version in the suggested-solution branch.



build.cmd run or run. You can optionally use npm instead of yarn by supplying the jsPackageManager=npm argument e.g. build jsPackageManager=npm run.

If you're in VS Code, you can simply hit CTRL+SHIFT+B to build and run the application.

If using Visual Studio 2017, do NOT attempt to build the solution directly in VS. You must use build.cmd to compile and run the application.