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WILD Minimal - WiFi RTT proof-of-concept for Android 9 Pie
Revision: 0.1 24-Aug-2018
Designed for ranging to Compulab WILD FTM Responders and tested with Google Pixel
"WILD" stands for WiFi Indoor Location Device
(C) Compulab 2018
Written by Irad Stavi
Special thanks to Prof. Berthold K.P. Horn of MIT CSAIL for his insightful advice

What the program does:

  1. Get permissions
  2. WiFi Scan to detect APs
  3. Every 2 seconds send a ranging request to APs found in scan that are FTM responders and display the ranging results of each in a table

The program is written to be as simple as possible - a self contained activity with nearly sequential execution.
Below is the flow in a nutshell:
onCreate: Requests permissions and starts 'repeat' which is called every 2 seconds.
repeat: runs a simple state machine: permission_is_granted --(do scan)--> wifi_scan_is_requested --(scan-results received)--> wifi_scan_is_done.
then repeat starts calling range() every 2 seconds.
range: build a 'ranging request' and send. onRangingResults will be called asynchronously when results are ready.
onRangingResults: Display the ranging results in a table (MAC address, measured range, standard deviation, signal strength)

APK installation instructions (may be helpful if you never installed an APK before. If you did - you can skip :)

- Go to
- Download everything
- Look at the APK directory for the APK file

- Enable "developer mode" on the phone
- Download and install ADB (found in SDK manager)
- Find where ADB is installed. In my case C:\android-sdk-tools\platform-tools
- Copy wild-minimal.apk to the directory where ADB is

- Connect the phone with USB cable to your host
- Identify the ID of the phone by
> adb devices
- Type command (assuming your phone ID is 01234567890ABCDEF)
> adb -s 01234567890ABCDEF install wild-minimal.apk
- Now you should have "WILD minimal" app on the phone


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