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ODSC East 2017 - Creating Data Science Workflows (A Healthcare Use Case)

Environment preparation

  1. VirtualBox
    • Add Sandbox entry to your local machine's hosts file:
  2. Hortonworks Sandbox (HDP 2.6)
    • After import of image, add port 6667 and 22 to the NAT port forwarding
    • From the command line (or by SSH after enabling port 22 forwarding; user: root; pass: hadoop), run:
       curl -o
       chmod 755
    • SSH to the new docker container via web ( or SSH (, user: root; pass: hadoop
       yum install python-pip (may need to run twice to get past repo outdates)
       pip install kafka hdfs
       curl -o .hdfscli.cfg
    • Install NiFi in Sandbox via Ambari
    • Make sure Kafka broker is started (or go to Service Actions -> Start if in Stopped status)

Host Configuration

  • If you want to run the IPython Notebooks to generate the normally distributed data, you will need a Python environment with matplotlib, pandas, and the kafka library. To create a conda environment with these dependencies:
     conda create --n odscHealth python=3
     activate odscHealth
     conda install notebook ipykernel matplotlib pandas
     pip install kafka
     jupyter notebook --notebook-dir=/path/to/git/repo


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