libSplash - Simple Parallel file output Library for Accumulating Simulation data using Hdf5
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libSplash - Simple Parallel file output Library for Accumulating Simulation data using Hdf5

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libSplash aims at developing a HDF5-based I/O library for HPC simulations. It is created as an easy-to-use frontend for the standard HDF5 library with support for MPI processes in a cluster environment. While the standard HDF5 library provides detailed low-level control, libSplash simplifies tasks commonly found in large-scale HPC simulations, such as iterative computations and MPI distributed processes.

libSplash is developed and maintained by the Center for Information Services and High Performance Computing (ZIH) of the Technical University Dresden (TUD) in close collaboration with the Group Computational Radiation Physics at the Institute for Radiation Physics at HZDR We are a member of the Dresden GPU Center of Excellence that cooperates on a broad range of scientific CUDA applications, workshops and teaching efforts. libSplash is actively used in the PIConGPU project for large-scale GPU-based particle-in-cell simulations

Software License

libSplash is licensed under the GPLv3+ and LGPLv3+ (it is dual licensed). Licences can be found in GPL or LGPL, respectively.


See our notes in


See UserManual.pdf for more information. You can find detailed information on all interfaces in our Online Documentation. Enable verbose status messages by setting the SPLASH_VERBOSE environment variable.

Active Team

Maintainers* and developers

  • Axel Huebl*
  • Felix Schmitt*
  • Rene Widera
  • Alexander Grund