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Explore the Mandelbrot fractal on your Casio Prizm and the PC with this explorer.
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The Mandelbrot fractal is quite a sight.
Such wonder and amazement that can be found while viewing the Mandelbrot fractal can now be had on the Casio Prizm graphing calculator.
In addition this program can also be compiled for the PC assuming SDL is installed.
Just run make and it will be up and running.
There is very little difference in function between the PC version and the casio prizm version, the resolution is higher but that is it.

The controls are
Left, right, up, down moves the window in that direction
Menu key or ESC on the PC, exits to the menu or exits the program (PC)
F1 sets maximum iterations to 65535
F2 sets the maximum iterations to 224 (this is the default upon starting the program)
F3 toggles deep mode which is on by default. This means you can zoom in deeper with a slight perforamnce hit.
I do not notice the difference
1 subtracts one from the maximum iterations
2 adds one to the maximum iterations
3 subtracts ten from the maximum iterations
4 adds ten to the maximum iterations
5 subtracts 100 from the maximum iterations
6 adds 100 to the maximum iterations
Shift zooms in
Alpha (ALT on PC) zooms out
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