Stopped working on Firefox 42 in Android 5.x and 6.x. #115

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The Menu-Button is not touch-sensitive anymore. Worked before.
Also on not working, therefore most likely not an integration error.


Ok, I investigated a bit more.
It is really funny.
The click on the burger is not registered anymore. Although the correct link is in place. If I tap very long on the burger, it opens up the window 'open link in new tab' etc. the correct anchor is displayed. I crosstested by changing the href="#" to something else.
so it is not a positioning problem or similar.
As soon as I put in some text for the label, it works. But just on the label, not on the burger-icon.
Astonishing, or better: weird ...

All these findings just concern the Firefox 42 on Android. On chrome and opera on the same devices it works as expected!


I can confirm this problem.

Slicknav desn''t open the menu on Firefox Mobile 42. I can confirm that works with Chrome Mobile 46.

I tested also the demos of your website and they don't work either.


Weird, with Firefox 42.0.2 (Update from 2015-12-02) it started working again, with and without the sizing changes!
So they do no harm, and maybe it is a good idea to keep them in anyway.
Thanks a lot!

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