@thomaswruss thomaswruss released this Dec 20, 2018

Assets 2

We have already come a long way. It's been nearly 2 years since Evendemy's first development - now Evendemy is available in Version 2.

It is more spezialized to the specific needs of planning events and courses for companies. It has some great new opportunities. It will help you to establish a great sense of community in your company.

The list of new features:

  • new account page (with settings)
  • new user list page
  • new structure: event and courses are at one page
  • ideas for event and courses
  • improvements for meetings:
    • list and card view for attendee list
    • new comment style and timestamp
    • you can allow to invite external people (= '+1' Feature)
    • added tags for meetings
    • better image resolution for meetings
    • author can reject attendees
  • improvements for meeting list:
    • 'new' badge for new meetings
    • status icon for meetings
  • breadcrumb navigation
  • improved quality with more than 100 tests
  • upgrading to Angular 7
  • completely refactored server structure and new building system

For more specific information please see the release notes of the 2.0.0 beta releases.

The most important: have fun, share your knowledge and just have a good time together.