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Releases: Conal-Tuohy/Retailer

"Papers Past" downloader

09 Sep 10:00
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This is the second release of Retailer.

New in this version is the ability to configure Retailer to use a particular XSLT.

Also new is an OAI-PMH provider for the National Library of New Zealand's "Papers Past" service.

To use Papers Past, configure Retailer with an initialization parameter called "xslt" with a value of "papers-past.xsl" and a parameter called "digitalnz-key" containing a Digital NZ API key.

To use Trove, set the "xslt" parameter value to "trove.xsl", and provide a parameter called "trove-key" containing a Trove API key.

To develop with Retailer, set the "xslt" parameter to "identity.xsl" - this XSLT simply echoes the input it receives. This will let you understand the input your stylesheet needs to handle.

Initial release

14 Aug 08:22
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This is the initial release of Retailer.

Retailer can be used as a lightweight generic host for server-side XSLT transformations.

A sample XSLT implements an OAI-PMH provider interface to the National Library of Australia's Trove Newspapers service.