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iOS iblazr SDK for communicating with the iblazr 2 via Bluetooth and iblazr original via 3.5mm audio jack


This SDK provides an Objective-C interface for access to iblazr 2 via CoreBluetooth and iblazr original via AudioToolbox. All the following code tested on iPhone 4s and up, iPod 4 and up, iPads and up, and both devices with iOS 8 and iOS 9

NOTE: not working in simulator

P.S.: current version was taken from our Shotlight App as is, if you don’t understand anything, don’t hesitate to contact us (see at feedback section)

How To Get Started


Drag files (with iblazrSDK directory) into your project ;)
drag files

import header and setting delegate

#import "STDeviceManager.h"

@interface ViewController : UIViewController <STDeviceManagerDelegate>

Device parameters

Check STDevice.h,STDeviceIblazr2.h and STDeviceIblazrOriginal.h for get available parametrs.
float lightPower - value can be in range 0-16
float lightTemperature; - value can be in range 0-125

NOTE: lightTemperature in current version you can set 25 as maximum value. In STDeviceManager.m line:290 it be multiply with 5.

Start using

Simple setup

STDeviceManager *deviceManager = [STDeviceManager sharedInstance];
[deviceManager addDelegate:self];
[deviceManager scan];

Make flash

// setup custom time (miliseconds)
NSInteger time = 300;
[deviceManager configDevicesForCommand:STDeviceManagerComandShot time:time];

Send check notification to iblazr flash. You can manualy setup this effect. (Works with iblazr 2. Read additional documentation)

// setup custom time (miliseconds)
NSInteger time = 2000;
STDevice *device = {device}
[deviceManager configDevice:device forCommand:STDeviceManagerComandStatus time:time temperature:lightTemperature power:lightPower];

Make constant light

// setup custom time (miliseconds)  or set 0 for infinite
NSInteger time = 2000;
STDevice *device = {device}
[deviceManager configDevice:device STDeviceManagerComandLight time:time temperature:lightTemperature power:lightPower];

And Stop

// setup zero time
NSInteger time = 0;
STDevice *device = {device}
[deviceManager configDevice:device STDeviceManagerComandStop time:time temperature:lightTemperature power:lightPower];

Also you can use Turn Off command

[deviceManager configDevicesForCommand:STDeviceManagerComandTurnOff time:0];

Additional Resources

You can find additional protocol information here:

  • iblazr 2 documentation at LINK
  • iblazr original documentation at LINK


iblazrSDK is licensed under the MIT License. See LICENSE for details.


Contact the developer support team by sending an email to