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@jameskolce jameskolce released this Dec 29, 2016 · 44 commits to dev since this release


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Dec 29, 2016

@jameskolce jameskolce released this Dec 18, 2016 · 48 commits to dev since this release


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@jameskolce jameskolce released this Nov 18, 2016 · 58 commits to dev since this release



  • [fix: #241] Split globals file []


No CSS changes

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@jameskolce jameskolce released this Nov 15, 2016 · 60 commits to dev since this release


After seven months of work, Concise v4 is now available to everybody. Quite a lot of things have happened since then. Here is a small overview:

  • The current development of Concise CSS is being handled by me (@jameskolce).
  • The framework has been almost completely rewritten, but the basic principles of being Concise are kept.
  • Now add-ons are completely independent of each other. Previously, they were included with the core, now they need to be installed separately with NPM or using the CDN.
  • A new add-on called Concise Utils has been added, with a lot of helper classes to improve the development workflow or to add context-dependant styles.
  • Concise UI is now written using the RSCSS guidelines.
  • The compilation of the source code is now done using the Concise CLI.
  • The compiler still uses Sass, but also includes some PostCSS plugins that will help with the development of websites.
  • A new lh unit is added to manage vertical rhythm. Using PostCSS-LH
  • Custom media queries are available, so you can write things like @media (--small).
  • Styles are automatically prefixed to work with older browsers, using Autoprefixer.
  • All the font sizes are now handled using the typeScale() function.

You can check the complete list of changes here: v3.4.0...master

And the new docs are already available at

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@jameskolce jameskolce released this May 1, 2016 · 184 commits to master since this release


  • [] [ref: #135] Add pxToRem function
  • [] [ref: #134] Fix specificity of form modifiers
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@keenanpayne keenanpayne released this Jan 18, 2016 · 188 commits to master since this release


  • [ebf60b9] A new mixin has been added called columnOffset that allows you to easy move columns in your design.
  • [e0fa570] We have added a new helper class .nonresponsive that when applied to the <body> tag, will keep elements and components from resizing on different window sizes. There is also a $non-responsive variable that can be turned on/off that will remove the unnecessary non-responsive CSS if you do not need it.
  • [c89aa3e] We have updated how margin is applied on <p> tags. Now, every <p> that is not the last child will have a bottom margin.
  • [eaeb244] Grid examples have been added to the test.html file.
  • [cab7e86] Examples have been added for how grid column offsets can be used.
  • [60c6948] The card with image has been fixed inside of test.html



  • [05f00da] There was an issue with windows with small heights and modal visibility which has been fixed.
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@keenanpayne keenanpayne released this Dec 15, 2015 · 200 commits to master since this release


  • Added styling for <sub>, <sup>, <samp>, and <s> tags (4be43c2)
  • Added styles for table footers (d34ee94)
  • James Kolce fixed the grid utility for full-width columns (73e1f56)
  • [ref: #91] Fix style consistency for input type="submit" (83d68e6)
  • [ref: #88] Add proper RTL and LTR language support (8ff20ba)
  • A utility has been added so you can now close modal windows via the background, and not just use the "X". (3b84d0e)
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@keenanpayne keenanpayne released this Nov 6, 2015 · 218 commits to master since this release

This is a pretty small update with just a few things fixed from v3.1.0.

Concise Package

  • All of our Node.js dependencies have been updated so they work with the latest version (9f8bce3)
  • We've made a few updates to our contributing guidelines (6f47ad7)
  • [ref: #87] We have added the composer.json file back per a request from a Concise user. (4094dc0)


  • Fixed a problem with the spacing variables, by moving the $base-unit variable (5352553)
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@keenanpayne keenanpayne released this Oct 8, 2015 · 224 commits to master since this release


  • [ref: #76] We found that we were hard-coding font-colors and spacing in certain places of the framework, as opposed to using variables. We have removed these colors, and abstracted them to the _globals.scss file, as well as removed the spacing (which was happening on <p> elements inside of modals).
  • [ref: #81] We have removed the declared line-height for list items.


  • [ref: #75] We removed the dedicated add-ons directory for the v2.x.x version of Concise and have included the files inside of our main website repository.
  • [ref: #77] The custom scrollbars on the website, which were causing unexpected behavior, have been removed.
  • [ref: #78] We fixed an example that was broken on the website for fluid images.
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