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  1. concordium-rust-smart-contracts concordium-rust-smart-contracts Public

    Standard library for writing smart contracts for the Concordium blockchain.

    Rust 47 33

  2. concordium-node concordium-node Public

    The main concordium node implementation.

    Haskell 35 20

  3. concordium-base concordium-base Public

    Core Rust and Haskell libraries used by various components of the Concordium blockchain, as well as some tools used for testing and development.

    Rust 20 24

  4. concordium-client concordium-client Public

    A command line client to interact with the concordium-node

    Haskell 6 8

  5. concordium-node-sdk-js concordium-node-sdk-js Public

    Wrappers for interacting with the Concordium node.

    TypeScript 12 17

  6. concordium-smart-contract-tools concordium-smart-contract-tools Public

    Tools for building, deploying, and interacting with smart contracts

    TypeScript 1 8


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