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erl_img: Erlang image processing library

erl_img is a library for reading, writing, scaling, and cropping image files. The goal is to provide the Erlang community with functionality similar to ImageMagick. erl_img was originally excavated from the Jungerl repository, but a number of modifications have since been made.


To use erl_img, you will need to include the erl_image.hrl header file to get the appropriate record definitions. The erl_img API is:

% Read
erl_img:load("/path/to/image.ext") -> {ok, IMG#erl_image}

% Get the MIME type
erl_img:mime_type(IMG) -> "image/something"

% Scale
IMG1 = erl_image:scale(IMG, 0.5) % scale factor

% Crop
IMG2 = erl_image:crop(IMG1, 
        IMG1#erl_image.width / 2,  % new width
        IMG1#erl_image.height / 2, % new height
        IMG1#erl_image.width / 4,  % x offset
        IMG1#erl_image.height / 4) % y offset

% convert to PNG
IMG3 = IMG2#erl_image{ type = image_png, filename = "/path/to/image.png" }

% Write
erl_img:save(IMG3) -> ok


As of this writing, the number of image formats is fairly limited. The following table summarizes file format support present in erl_img:

Format      Read/Write/Metadata?

BMP         Read only
GIF         Read only
JPEG        Read only
PNG         Read/Write/Metadata
TGA         Read/Write
TIFF        Read/Metadata
XPM         Read only

Even if your desired format can be written, note that you may have to perform addtional processing to convert one format to another. Pixel information is stored in a number of formats internally, and some file types only support some formats. For example, if you read a file in BGR format, but the destination file type only supports RGB, it is your responsibility to perform the pixel-by-pixel channel reversal.

The following table summarizes the pixel formats that can be read and written by each file type.

              BMP  GIF  JPEG  PNG  TGA  TIFF XPM

b8g8r8        R
gray*                         RW        R
r8g8b8                  R     RW   RW   R
r8g8b8a8                      RW   RW   R
r16g16b16                     RW
r16g16b16a16                  RW
palette*           R          RW        R    R