A cookiecutter for creating sensors for Apache Metron
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Cookiecutter: Metron Sensor

A cookiecutter to quickly create all required configs Apache Metron sensors.

It creates:

  • elastic search basic template
  • a deployment script
  • the Metron sensor configs (parser.json, enrichment.json, indexing.json)

...and gives the option to specify a streaming enrichment source or a conventional sensor.

So at the moment it does not (much) more that the Metron Management UI does, but from the convenience of the command line and already organized in a directory structure, ready to be versioned.


  • Download cookiecutter for your operating system
pip install coockiecutter


  • Run cookiecutter
git clone git@github.com:Condla/cookiecutter-metron-sensor.git
cookiecutter cookiecutter-metron-sensor
  • Follow the instructions on screen by filling out the command line prompts or using the suggested defaults.

  • Your sensor files are created in a directory with the name of the sensor you assigned.

  • This directory contains all the files you need to successfully onboard a new sensor to Apache Metron.

  • The directory contains a README.md file with deployment instructions specific to your newly created sensor.

  • Read this blog entry for more information