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Requirements: Java 8, MySQL database, Maven

This project provides sample code in Java that demonstrates how to pull data from the Searchlight API and store it in a MySQL database.

When executed, this code will pull in rank and search volume data for specified accounts and store it in the database along with all necessary dimensional data.

To execute:

  1. Ensure that your $JAVA_HOME points to Java8. Run

echo $JAVA_HOME <Should point to a java 8 version>

  1. Replace the placeholder on the first line of db_scripts/create_schemas.sql with the name of the database to read data into.

  2. Run the said 'create_schemas' script in a mysql prompt. ( Use the following commands)

mysql -u root -p Enter password:

mysql> . <Full path to the create_schemas.sql file [Something like /Users//api-examples/db_scripts/create_schema.sql]>

mysql> exit

  1. Replace the placeholders in src/main/resources/ with their actual values.

  2. Run mvn compile exec:java from the main directory of the project. Execution may take a few minutes.