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bboure Report Exception in server response (#100)
Lots of code diff here but all I really did is wrap this piece of code into a try catch.
When an exception was thrown, the error was not clear at all. The server returns 500 and the console would show nothing at all.
For example, on line 264, when no auth is passed
On line 271, `validate` throws an exception when the schema itself is in invalid.
Or on line 303, when invalid query type. 

This change makes the error clear, and directly into the GQL response.
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AWS Utils

Home of various packages for testing, deploying and building applications on top of AWS and other cloud infrastructure.


This repo tests that Go and Python serverless functions work. For the specs to run, you will need both Python 3 and Golang installed and to have built the Go files using the script.


Clone this repo and build everything:

git clone
cd aws-utils
go get -u

Then make sure all the specs pass:

This mono repo runs all tests through jest (including eslint!) to run the tests you first need to start docker-compose to make the localstack services available.

docker-compose run -d localstack
docker-compose run wait
yarn test

If you find the tests running slowly or with intermittent failures, try running this once to clear the Jest cache:

yarn test --clearCache

Also, check that you have enough RAM allocated to Docker. 4GB would be a good starting point.

It may help to use yarn test --runInBand to stop the localstack stuff getting overwhelmed by the default parallel tests.

To debug the tests, do this:

NODE_DEBUG=appsync-emulator:lambdaRunner TERM=dumb yarn test

Without TERM=dumb, any console.log() or log messages will be swallowed by Jest as it scrolls up to replace its own output.

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