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Star Wars Plot Generator

A web app that generates a Star Wars Plot (title & description) for you

Project Guidelines

The aim for this project was to build a web app that used the SWAPI API to allow the user the choice to add who (or what) they wanted in a plot. The full design and UI was up to me to create.
To complete the project, the below user stories needed to be fulfilled:

  • I'm able to select at least two resources
  • I'm able to search for a particular resource
  • A random resource can be generated automatically
  • A plot title, description and resource list is generated

Project Approach

Due to the requirement of having to use a style library for this project (rather than custom code all the CSS), I decided to see what my options were. After a bit of research, I ended up choosing to use Material-UI.

Once I had that out of the way I decided to figure out what sort of plot generator I wanted to create and how exactly I wanted to go about doing it. This involved a bit of creativity, brainstorming and sketching some rough designs. After I had an idea of what I wanted to build, I went through the Material-UI docs and tried to figure out which components that I would need for the project.

I started coding up the project and getting the basic, static UI layout complete. This also involved having to use another library (React-Select) because Material-UI did not have this specific component. Again, this meant having to learn another library, so I could implement the server side searching within this component.

Once I had my layout working and updating between the various UI options, I got to work on retrieving and manipulating the data from the SWAPI API. Once I had the data, I created a function that would generate a random plot by coming up with a random title, description and list of resources used.

At the end I added a modal window overlay that would show the plot to the user.

Made with

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript & React
  • Using Material-UI & React-Select

Icons by Flaticon

Other Icons


Check out my live Star Wars Plot Generator app.

Screenshot of my Star Wars Plot Generator project built in React


This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.