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A robot searching app built with React
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Robofriends Project

This guided project is from a Udemy course called The Complete Web Developer in 2019: Zero to Mastery. The aim of the course is to teach you to become a full-stack developer

Project Guidelines

This is a guided project where the instructor shows us how to build a robot searching app using React.
To build the project, the below user stories needed to be fulfilled:

  • I can see 10 random robot users, each with different pictures, names and emails
  • I can type in a search bar, to see the robot cards get filtered out
  • I can scroll through the robot cards without losing visibility of the search bar

Project Approach

The approach to build this React app was to use a robots API to obtain the required data. We started first by building the smallest components (each individual card) and worked our way up until it incorporated the entire web app. At each component stage we created the CSS to make the UI look nice. We then added the functionality to dynamically insert the cards into the page and added the code so we could filter through the cards (as we typed) in the search box.

Made with

  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript & React


Check out the live version

Screenshot of a Robofriends Web App from a Udemy Course

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