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PHP Library and Sample Code for Confident CAPTCHA

version 20110315_PHP_1.2.3 - March 15th, 2011

Thank you for downloading this library and sample code.


  • This library requires PHP version 5.1 or later.
  • PHP must have cURL and SimpleXML support built in and enabled.
  • The page that renders the Confident CAPTCHA requires jQuery 1.4.2.


  1. Sign up for Confident CAPTCHA at
  2. Create an account at
  3. Modify config.php, filling in the API credentials from
  4. Try out the sample code, including check.php to check your API credentials.
  5. Copy callback.php and the confidentcaptcha folder into your own project. Look at sample_before.php and sample_after.php to see what code is necessary to integrate Confident CAPTCHA. Be sure to include jQuery in your page.

Please send your questions and feedback to


  • README.TXT - This document
  • LICENSE - License for ConfidentCAPTCHA samples and libraries
  • BSD_LICENSE - The BSD license
  • GPL2_LICENSE - The GPL version 2.0 license
  • config.php - Configuration items, including API credentials, for the samples and library.
  • index.php - Menu for the samples and library documentation.
  • check.php - Checks the local and remote configuration.
  • explore.php - Explore CAPTCHA customizations without modifying the code.
  • sample_before.php - An example form before adding ConfidentCAPTCHA
  • sample_after.php - An example form after adding ConfidentCAPTCHA
  • - Script to generate the PHPDocumentor-based docs
  • docs - Generated documentation folder
  • callback.php - An AJAX callback page for instant feedback and audio CAPTCHAs.
  • confidentcaptcha - The ConfidentCAPTCHA library code:
    • ccap_api.php - Provides CCAP_Api, the direct interface to the CAPTCHA API.
    • ccap_policy.php - Provides CCAP_Policy, which handles normal and abnormal API responses.
    • ccap_prod_closed_policy.php - Provides CCAP_ProductionFailClosed, which stops forms when CAPTCHA creation fails (recommended for account creation forms).
    • ccap_prod_open_policy.php - Provides CCAP_ProductionFailOpen, which allows forms to continue when CAPTCHA creation fails. Recommended for contact forms).
    • ccap_dev_policy.php - Provides CCAP_DevelopmentPolicy, a debug implementation of CCAP_Policy.
    • ccap_persist.php - Provides CCAP_PersistSession, which remembers CAPTCHA state between pages loads.
    • ccap_policy_factory.php - Provides name-based creation of CCAP_Policy instances, used by CCAP_PersistSession to reload a policy.


  • 20110315_PHP_1.2.3 - March 15th, 2010

    • Add support for running Confident CAPTCHA on an HTTPS page
    • Upgrade to server version 20110315
    • Switch to CDN for jQuery, for better SSL support
    • Added $ccap_curlopt_cainfo and $ccap_curlopt_capath for optional cURL validation of SSL chain.
  • 20100910_PHP_1.2.2 - September 22nd, 2010

    • Send non-blank strings when user omits the User Agent header. Before, a blank string was sent, which caused a 400 Bad Request and triggered the Fail Open code.
    • Send Accept Language header to server (preparing for automated translations)
  • 20100910_PHP_1.2.1 - September 10th, 2010

    • Upgrade to server version 20100910
    • Fix error when create_visual is called without options.
    • In explore.php, setting grid size doesn't reset other options anymore
  • 20100813_PHP_1.2 - August 13th, 2010

    • Added support for visual CAPTCHA display_style 'modal' - Should work better with complex layouts, like most frameworks
  • 20100621_PHP_1.1 - August 2nd, 2010

    • Massive refactor of the PHP code, including changing variable names for better integration with existing code.
    • Library code has been moved to the confidentcaptcha subdirectory, and has been refactored into several classes. New policy classes help handle normal and abnormal API responses.
    • The sample code has been expanded into several files.
    • PHPDocumentor comments have been added to the the library, and generated documentation is included in the download package.
  • 20100621_PHP - June 21st, 2010

    • Updated to work with API version 20100610
    • Support the new namespaced HTML and JavaScript elements
    • CAPTCHA parameters are stored in session, so that similar CAPTCHA can be created on callback
    • Sample implements "fail open" strategy - Forms work even when there are configuration or server issues.
  • 20100610_PHP - June 10th, 2010

    • Original (versioned) release