An artificial intelligence robot engineered to play scrabble!
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ScrabbleBot is an ongoing project open to the community started by my old account, MehSki11zOwn, and currently maintained by my new account, Confiqure. The goal is to build an innovative Java bot that will play any game of Scrabble you face it with by analyzing the tiles available, both in the player's hand and on the board to form the highest scoring move possible.

The current configuration of the script is made to play Words With Friends, a Scrabble spin-off commonly played via Facebook.

To run: Download the compiled JAR file and open. Click on any tile to type in the letter that goes in the appropriate tile. Save your configuration for next time!

It is my goal that with the help of the community, the various formulas and processes in this script can be altered until we have one of the first fully-operational, self-contained, Java Scrabble robot!

For more information please visit my thread at:

Thanks to for its word-creation algorithm allowing this program to be possible.