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Awesome LWC


I just made this to a LWC OSS site here!

I plan on making a style/contribution guide to the site ASAP. Site is fairly basic right now, some elbow grease and SLDS based on the OSS Trailhead.

All this is community driven and isn't directly associated to Salesforce or related organizations.

A list AND SITE of interesting Lightning Web Components resources and code examples

Most of this repo is for "On platform" means resources specific to the SFDC platform, but LWC Open Source items are included as well.

Feel free to Fork, PR, and contribute to this list. For JS Library suggestions, try to suggest why it's a useful tool for the SFDC Landscape.

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On Platform Community Repos

Locker Safe JS Resources

Goal of this section is to highlight Locker Safe resources that can enhance your LWC.

As the Locker Service adjusts, I'll revisit this section to add resources that might become available.

  • Moment JS

  • Chart JS JS Charting library.

  • D3, a data visualization library.

    • C3, a charting library dependent on D3.
  • PapaParse, a CSV parser, handles sloppy input and big files. (Use this).

  • Leaflet Mobile friendly maps.

  • Chroma.js Color manipulation library, useful with D3/Chart JS.

  • Signature Pad HTML5 Canvas for accepting signatures.

Official Examples

Interesting Posts, Blogs, and Sites

JEST related posts

These are fairly random scribbles, just notes I think are valuable related to JEST

Want to learn On Platform LWC?

New to Javascript?

Need help setting up VS Code for Salesforce Development?


I am individually not focusing too hard on LWC OSS right now, but I don't want to ignore it either.

Community Repos

Creative Commons Legal Code

CC0 1.0 Universal