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Zuul requires a java servlet container. For this document, I'll assume you're using Tomcat.

As of Zuul 1.5, a JSP 2.2 or higher container is required (such as Tomcat 7). See issue #46 for details.



  • Remember to backup your existing installation
  • Database
  • Zuul web context


  • Stop your server
  • Unzip the .war archive to your application server.
  • example: $TOMCAT_HOME/webapps/zuul
  • Copy the config files located in WEB-INF/classes/examples somewhere into the server's classpath.
  • example: $TOMCAT_HOME/lib
  • make the appropriate changes to match your environment

Database Configuration

In step #2 above, you copied the sample config files into your server's classpath. The zuul-data-config.propeties file contains the database related settings.

By default, it will start up with an embedded database for evaluation purposes. This database will be reset between server restarts so you will need to configure a more permanent location for your data.

  • Copy your database driver jar into the server's classpath. e.g.: $TOMCAT_HOME/lib
  • it comes with drivers for H2 if you're using it in TCP mode
  • Edit
  • Modify the jdbc.zuul.* settings (see comments inside the file)
  • Restart your server
Zuul needs to have admin access to the database upon startup in order to create the tables. You can demote its access to read/write after the initial deployment.

Email Configuration

Zuul can send out notifications via email. For instance, users can request elevated permissions from the administrators. In order for this functionality to work, the SMTP server will need to be configured.

  • Edit the
  • Modify the smtp.* settings


Unfortunately, the JVM does not support strong encryption algorithms by default. You'll need to download and install the Unlimited Strength JCE Policy Files. Simply unzip the jars and place them in your JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/security directory.


OpenID Single Sign On is enabled by default. LDAP authentication is also supported. See the Security Page for more details.

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