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Flow check

Part of the Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment (README)

Copyright © 2018-2019 Conflux Digital Ltd

Licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0


Based on the key assessment criteria from Accelerate by Nicole Forsgren, Jez Humble, and Gene Kim plus detail from Principles of Product Development Flow by Don Reinertsen

Purpose: *Assess the awareness and performance of the team regarding end-to-end delivery metrics *

Method: Use the Spotify Squad Health Check approach to assess the team's answers to the following questions, and also capture the answers:

Question Tired (1) Inspired (5)
1. Cycle Time - How long does it take for a code change to go from version control to running in Production? (Minimum, Typical) 2 weeks or more 1 hour or less
2. Deployment Frequency - How often does your team deploy to Production? Every 2 weeks or longer in practice Every 2 days or less
3. MTTR - How long does it take to restore your application or service after an incident? We have no idea - we do not track this We track MTTR and we restore service in 10 mins automatically and test this in the deployment pipeline
4. Failed Changes - What proportion of changes to your application or service in Production fail or need remediation? (This is typically the number of failed deployments) More than 20% of our changes/deployments fail in Production Less than 5% of our changes/deployments fail in Production
5. Queue Length - How many things does your team work on at the same time? (Minimum, Typical) We have significantly more Work In Progress (WIP) items than team members We have explicitly limited our WIP based on queuing theory (or Cost of Delay) and the WIP is equal to or less than the number of people in our team
6. Innovation - How well are you able to innovate around delivery approaches? We do not have time to innovate We make or reserve time for delivery innovation every week and track progress as part of our team metrics
7. Onboarding - How effective is the onboarding process for new teams and new staff? The onboarding process is incredibly difficult and really hampers progress The onboarding process is very simple, straightforward, and clear.
8. Branch Age - How long do your branches live? (other than master) Our feature branches last for many sprints We develop directly on master/trunk and any feature branches last no more then 2 days
9. Retrospectives - How effective are your team retrospectives? We do not have regular retrospectives Our retrospectives are really energising/valuable/effective for the team and we look forward to them
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