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Team Health check

Part of the Multi-team Software Delivery Assessment (README)

Copyright © 2018-2019 Conflux Digital Ltd

Licenced under CC BY-SA 4.0 CC BY-SA 4.0


Based on the Spotify Squad Health Check combined with insight from Google's Project Aristotle

Purpose:  Assess the health and confidence of the team as a delivery unit

Method: Use the Spotify Squad Health Check approach to assess the team's answers to the following questions:

Question Tired (1) Inspired (5)
1. Easy to release - how easy is it to release a change to the software you work on? It is difficult to release a change It is easy and straightforward to release a change
2. Suitable process - how suitable is the process for developing and delivering software? The process is cumbersome and unhelpful The process is mostly hidden and we barely feel it
3. Tech quality (code base health) - how healthy is the code base? Our code base is piled with workarounds and danger areas Our code base is clean, safe to use, and well-tested
4. Value - do you work on valuable things as a team? We are disconnected from customer or user value We live and breathe a value-driven team approach
5. Speed - how rapidly do you work as a team? We seem to take a long time to get things done We deliver work rapidly together
6. Mission - how well do you know why you are working on things? It is rarely clear what our mission is We have a clear mission that we share with all stakeholders
7. Fun - how fun is it to work in your team? How much camaraderie and sense of teamwork? Fun is rarely an aspect of our team work The team is a fun place to be every day
8. Learning - how much do you learn as a team? We rarely learn anything new We learn something every day
9. Support - how much support do you get as a team? We get very little support as a team We are well-supported as a team
10. Pawns or players - how much control do you have over what you work on and how? We have very little say in what we work on We have strong influence over what we work on
11. Psychological Safety - how safe do you feel to raise concerns? If we raise concerns we are shouted down and ignored Our concerns are valued and used to help improve the team and organisation
12. Teams Around Us - how well do the teams around you work with you and your team? Teams around us are unhelpful and rude Teams around us are very friendly and helpful - it's a joy to work with the other teams
13. Delivery Platform - how effective and easy to use is the delivery platform underpinning your team's delivery? The platform seems to obstruct us and is difficult to use The platform is a force-multiplier for us and helps us deliver rapidly and safely. We love the platform.
14. Management Style - how effective and appropriate are the approaches by management and other senior stakeholders? The management approaches really hamper our efforts The management approaches help us to deliver rapidly and safely
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