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# testability-questions
# testability-questions -

## Questions to help teams assess the testability of software systems

There is one main file:

1. [``]( - the main set of questions to assess testability

## Overview

This repository holds a set of **testability questions** that are useful for assessing the testability of software systems. These questions can be used with a number of test strategy tools like the [Agile Testing Quadrants]( to identify more gaps in testing and enhance testability to enable your teams to fill those gaps.

Each testability question requires answers to these key questions:

* **Who? (What?)**: What kind of user or persona will do this? (Or what kind of system?)
* **How?**: Which tool (or set of tools) or process will help to do this?
* **Evidence**: How will you demonstrate this using evidence?

For each testability question, there is a short description of why this question is useful, giving some context.

For teams and people new to assessing testability, it can be very effective to print the [testability questions page]( and record questions using pen & paper around a table; this helps teams to "step back" from the computer systems and consider testability more carefully.

> The book [Team Guide to Software Testability]( has a section on Testability Questions, including details of how different teams use these questions to help improve testability.
Copyright © 2018 [Conflux Digital Ltd](

Licenced under [CC BY-SA 4.0]( ![CC BY-SA 4.0](

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## How to use the testability questions

1. Clone/fork the repo
1. Edit the file [``](
1. Add your own testability questions - send us a Pull Request if you think your new checks are useful to others!
1. Remove (or comment with _N/A_) those sections that really do not apply in your case (but double-check first).
1. Use the template as a way to encourage discussion and collaboration between Devs and Ops people for building better systems.
1. If some information is missing for one or more sections, indicate this clearly (e.g. *WARNING*). Knowing what you do not know is valuable.
1. After you have validated the questions with all teams involved, begin to automate the checks and procedures.

**We hope that these questions about testability trigger the desire to change and improve both your own system, the integration with your dependencies and your relationship with the teams around you.**

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