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OpenPose on video
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OpenPose on Video

Based on the great presention from Medium. I've used the model from this Repo and weights from dropbox to create a complete pipeline to add the predicted skeleton from OpenPose on a complete video. I used Skibidi sound clip and this is the result (click to see the video):


I used this clip for several reasons :

  • There is fast movements
  • There is one or more peoples
  • There is costumes
  • There is animals
  • It's a viral video :)

Prediction Quality

I used a model from 2017 predicting 17 keypoints (eyes, ears, nose, arms, legs, ...). There is multiple other ones existing more accurate, faster or with more keypoints like this one which propose 135 keypoints. I didn't find everytime how to use or weights that's why I used this one. Now in term or succes or fail we can see :

Some success

Full body : 193.jpg Partial body of baby doll : 310.jpg Partial body : 323.jpg Full bodies : 366.jpg It works also from back : 454.jpg Partial "cropped" body : 532.jpg Body with complex texture : 590.jpg Body with costume : 635.jpg Monster with "human" skeleton: 4596.jpg

Some fail

Missing arm due to constrast : 319.jpg 1361.jpg Costume with too big difference with human skeleton : 619.jpg Complexe texture : 646.jpg Non human detection (the model should skip if it's not human) : 719.jpg Same image multiple time, different prediction (due to resolution) : 845.jpg 1 leg not detected due to texture : 2872.jpg 2 body merged : 3343.jpg

How to use

The code is now quite simple, you have to create some folders to store raw images and processed images. After you have to enter few parameters into Once done, just run "create_video.bat".

Possible improvements

Using other models more recent could be usefull to see how better they performs on previous images. In addition, this models can't be use on videos Live as it is too slow. It required around 20 minutes to render the 3.13 min of clip (4819 images) in a lower resolution (As it is now, it renders images 1 by 1 - like it it was a live video). Having batches may reduce a lot the process and is quite simple to implement. I'll probably add it in a future update.

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