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TheWell version of ConnectBox

TheWell is a variant of ConnectBox that adds Moodle Learning Management System (v. 3.9.3), PHP (v. 7.4) and MySQL (MariaDB) (vv 10.3) to bring training system and learning content to the ConnectBox platform.

Summary Of Changes:

  • ConnectBox Ansible roles are updated to build ConnectBox with Moodle, PHP and MySQL
  • TheWell is for Debian OS (Raspbian) on Raspberry Pi (with modifications) or other Linux host
  • Refer to Relay Trust Moodle Repo for Documentation Of Changes
  • Default Moodle MySQL database is located in this repo under ansible/roles/moodle/templates/
  • Legacy Connectbox File Serving is now at {{{hostname}}} such that Connectbox is http://thewell, Moodle is http://learn.thewell and Admin is http://thewell/admin
  • (There will be more as this gets built out)


ConnectBox is a media sharing device based on small form factor computers including the Raspberry Pi 3, Raspberry Pi Zero W, NanoPi NEO, Orange Pi Zero and Pine64.

Making a ConnectBox

See docs/

Making a Connectbox on AWS

See [docs/](docs /docs/

Connectbox setup and administration

See docs/

Developing the ConnectBox Software

See docs/

MicroSD Card Images/Releases