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Administering a ConnectBox

This document describes how to administer a ConnectBox

Initial Administration

  1. ConnectBox comes with system software. No content is included.
  2. Plug into a power source and wait 1 minute for startup.
  3. Locate and join the wireless network called ConnectBox - Free Media
  4. Navigate to the Administration area: http://connectbox/admin and login (username and password are case sensitive):
  • username: admin
  • password: connectbox
  1. Recommended: Change the password for the Administration area. Go to the Configure Menu and select Password. Enter a new password and press submit. When you next try to change the system, you will be prompted to login again. Use the new password when that happens.
  2. Optional: Change the name of the system (Configure -> System). This only appears in the location bar of the browser. If you change this, you will need to login again
  3. Optional: Change the name of the wireless network. (Configure -> SSID). When you do this, you will be disconnected from the wireless network and will need to locate and join the newly named wireless network
  4. Optional: Change the WiFi channel. (Configure -> Channel)


  • This assumes you are placing your content on a USB stick.

  • The ConnectBox will display an appropriate icon for each folder on your USB stick. A folder icon can be set in one of these ways:

    1. Choose an icon from the icon list and give your folder the same name as the icon. For example, if you want to use the address book icon, your folder should be named address-book
    2. Name your folder what you like e.g. people. Choose an icon from the icon list e.g. address-book and create a file next to the folder called _icon_<folder-name>_<icon-name> e.g. _icon_people_address-book
    3. Name your folder what you like e.g. people. Put your own image on the USB stick, next to the folder and name it _icon_<folder-name>.<extension> where extension is the image type (gif, jpg, png) e.g. _icon_people.jpg
    4. If none of the above are done, your folder will have a default folder icon
  • When you insert your USB stick into the ConnectBox, content will automatically be visible in the ConnectBox web interface (this is http://connectbox unless the system name has been changed during Initial Administration)

  • To update the files on the USB stick, go to the Configure Menu in Administration area, then go to System and press "Unmount USB", then remove the USB stick from the ConnectBox

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