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The MCMirror backend, heavily based on the original mirror website
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MC Mirror

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PPM Compatible

You need Yarn:

and Composer:

sudo apt install composer
apt-get install php7.3 php7.3-cli php7.3-xml php7.3-cgi 

then you can pull the dependencies with:

composer install
yarn install

After that you need to build the Frontend Files:

Unminified yarn encore dev or Minified yarn encore production


To start MCMirror locally (after you finished installation) run:


php vendor/bin/ppm start --bootstrap=symfony --app-env=prod --logging=0 --debug=0 --workers=20 --static-directory=public/

Your Self-Hosted MCMirror will be available at

You can start the Website with PHP-PM, but currently it does not like the generated Container Cache. If you want to modify the PHP Code use the following instead:

php bin/console server:run

Also you can customize the server port, as example port 8080:

php bin/console server:run
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