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build: Don't use glob anymore

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sbrl committed Apr 7, 2019
1 parent 02a73e4 commit 4cacba2afb2910c1ab3c5685c41af40e7334c288
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@@ -323,8 +323,10 @@ task_deploy() {
echo "set sftp:connect-program 'ssh -x -i \"${SSH_KEY_PATH}\" -p \"${deploy_ssh_port}\" -o \"PasswordAuthentication=no\"'";
echo "connect sftp://${deploy_ssh_user}:@${deploy_ssh_host}";
echo "glob mirror -R -P 3 -r \"${source_upload_dir}\" \"${deploy_root_dir}/www-new\""

echo "mirror -R -P 3 -r \"${source_upload_dir}\" \"${deploy_root_dir}/www-new\""
echo "ln -s \"${deploy_root_dir}/data\" \"${deploy_root_dir}/www-new/data\"";

echo "mv \"${deploy_root_dir}/www\" \"${deploy_root_dir}/www-old\"";
echo "mv \"${deploy_root_dir}/www-new\" \"${deploy_root_dir}/www\"";
echo "rm -r \"${deploy_root_dir}/www-old\"";

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