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Cordova app demo for Connecthings' SDK bridge

This app is an example to show you, how to use the Cordova Bridge of the Connecthings' SDK.

Create a cordova application with our plugin

cordova create yourFolder com.example.hello HelloWorld
cordova platform add android 
cordova platform add ios
cordova plugin add

Configure your application to support the Connecthings' SDK

First, you need to edit the build.json file to add your ios team id :

	"ios": {
		"debug": {
			"developmentTeam": "**yourTeamId**"
		"release": {
			"developmentTeam": "**yourTeamId**"

Then, you need to seize the Connecthings' SDK identifiers before being able to use the plugin. You can read more about this, on the bridge repository.

Android build

The last version of Cordova doesn't have the last build version of gradle and doesn't support Android 10, to be able to fix the compilation, we created a hook called android-build-fixes.js. But you still need to update an environment variable called CORDOVA_ANDROID_GRADLE_DISTRIBUTION_URL. You need to change it, to be at least at the version 5.4.1 of gradle like this :


And, if you want the modification to be permanent, you can add it to your .bashrc.

That's all folks.

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