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ConnectyCybe Android Address Book code sample

This README introduces ConnectyCube AddressBook code sample written in Kotlin lang.

Project contains FireBase authentication via phone number and Contact list friends feature, which means that all your contacts registered in ConnectycCube automatically become your friends. Original integration guide and API documentation -


  1. Register new account and application at then put Application credentials from 'Overview' page + Account key to the App class.

  2. Follow steps from guide register your Firebase account and create a Firebase project, set Firebase project_id to the App class.
    Put google-services.json in sample module and uncomment apply plugin: '' line in module build.gradle file.
    (Note: the sample uses Contact List Fake numbers from 10000000001 to ...10 for testing purpose, so you can add this numbers in Firebase console in Sign-in method -> Phone -> Phone numbers for testing)

  3. (Optional) If you are at Enterprise plan - provide your API server and Chat server endpoints at App class to point the sample against your own server.