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ConnectyCube Chat code sample for Swift

This README introduces ConnectyCube Chat sample written in Swift lang.

This sample contains basic chat functioality:

  • Signup and authenticate with user.
  • Receive and display list of dialogs.
  • Real-time chat messaging
  • Offline storage for messages, dialogs and users.

This code sample is written in Swift lang.

Original integration guide and API documentation - https://developers.connectycube.com/ios/messaging

Video Chat code sample demo image Video Chat code sample demo image Video Chat code sample demo image


  1. The sample uses CocoaPods as a dependency manager for Objective-C and Swift, which automates and simplifies the process of using 3rd-party frameworks or libraries like ConnectyCubeCalls in your projects. You can follow their getting started guide if you don’t have CocoaPods installed. Perform pod install in the project directory to install required components.

  2. Register new account and application at https://admin.connectycube.com and then put Application credentials from 'Overview' page into AppDelegate class.

  3. (Optional) If you are at Enterprise plan - provide your API server and Chat server endpoints at AppDelegate class to point the sample against your own server.


Code samples are released under the MIT License.