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ConnectyCube End to End encryption code sample

This README introduces ConnectyCube End to End encryption code sample.

The demo show how to setup a secure channel between 2 user in chat.

Test flow

  1. Open index.html in 2 browser tabs
  2. Login as Caller in 1st tab and as Callee in 2nd
  3. From 1st tab initiate an OTR secure channel setup by pressing Send OTR init button and wait. Check for the status update near the button. You also can check for browser console log to get more info what is going on under the hood.
  4. When done - now you can try to send a secure message by pressing a Send OTR message button.

Have an issue?

Got troubles with OTR integration? Just create an issue at Issues page - we will create the sample for you. For FREE!