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ConnectyCube Multiparty Video Conferencing code sample

This README introduces ConnectyCube Multiparty Video Conferencing code sample for browser like environment.

It allows setup video conference between 10-12 people. It's built on top of WebRTC SFU technologies.

Features supported:

  • Video/Audio Conference with 10-12 people
  • Join-Rejoin video room functionality (like Skype)
  • Mute/Unmute audio/video stream (own and opponents)
  • Display bitrate
  • Switch video input device (camera)

Original integration guide and API documentation -

Multi-conference server is available only for Enterprise plans, with additional fee. For more information and if you want request a Demo please contact us at


  1. Register new account and application at your Enterprise server https://admin<app_name> and then put Application credentials from 'Overview' page into config.js file:

    const CC_CREDENTIALS = {
        'appId': 0,
        'authKey': '',
        'authSecret': ''

    Also, provide your API server and Chat server endpoints at config.js file to point the sample against your own server:

    const CC_CONFIG = {
        endpoints: {
            api: "",
            chat: ""
  2. Provide your Multiparty Video Conferencing server endpoint at config.js file via MULTIPARTY_SERVER variable.

  3. Run index.html and enjoy!