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Chat code sample for React Native for ConnectyCube platform

This README introduces ConnectyCube Chat code sample for React Native

Project contains the following features implemented:

  • User authorization
  • Chat dialogs creation
  • 1-1 messaging
  • Group messaging
  • Users search
  • Unread messages counter
  • Last message preview
  • Last massage date sent
  • App activity state management
  • Push Notifications for chat messages when a user is not in the app


ConnectyCube React Native getting started -

ConnectyCube Chat API documentation -


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  • Sent/Delivered/Read statuses
  • ‘Is typing’ statuses
  • File attachments
  • Group chat info
  • Group chat: add/remove participants
  • Delete chat functionality
  • Edit messages
  • Delete messages

Quick start and develop

Quick start React Native app.

Prepare environment for React Native and:

  1. Clone the project;
  2. Install node_modules from connectycube-js-samples/RNChat - npm install;
  3. Run npm run ios or npm run android.

Can't build yourself?

Got troubles with building React Native code sample? Just create an issue at Issues page - we will create the sample for you. For FREE!

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