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Fix phpunit.xml

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o0h committed Feb 27, 2018
1 parent 3d407a6 commit 894e48df448a8916b5ef6b82b3469e4b6d336ee7
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  1. +0 −35 phpunit.xml
@@ -8,52 +8,17 @@
<ini name="memory_limit" value="-1"/>
<ini name="apc.enable_cli" value="1"/>

<testsuite name="cakephp">
<!-- Excludes are required in order to let DatabaseSuite decorate the tests -->
<testsuite name="database">

<listener class="\Cake\TestSuite\Fixture\FixtureInjector" file="./src/TestSuite/Fixture/FixtureInjector.php">
<object class="\Cake\TestSuite\Fixture\FixtureManager" />

<!-- Prevent coverage reports from looking in tests, vendors, config folders -->
<directory suffix=".php">./src/</directory>

<!-- SQLite
<env name="db_dsn" value="sqlite:///:memory:"/>
<!-- Postgres
<env name="db_dsn" value="postgres://localhost/cake_test?timezone=UTC"/>
<!-- Mysql
<env name="db_dsn" value="mysql://localhost/cake_test?timezone=UTC"/>
<!-- SQL Server
<env name="db_dsn" value="sqlserver://localhost/cake_test?timezone=UTC"/>

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