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This was knocked together on a Saturday afternoon when I was bored and the weather was rotten :) I've been using JSON APIs at work lately, so when I saw I couldn't resist!

What does it do

Note this is for the UK only

It is a fun piece of physical computing that runs on a Raspberry Pi with the Sense HAT board. The Sense HAT LEDs light in a colour representing the carbon footprint of your electricity over the next 3 hours. Green means completely renewable, through yellow and orange to red which means "as bad as gas". You can use this to inform decisions about your electricity usage.

Principle of operation

  • Queries the API at to get a carbon forecast for your region

  • Crunches it to get an average carbon intensity for your electricity for the next 3 hours

  • Lights all of the LEDs on the Sense HAT board in an appropriate colour. Pure green is a carbon intensity of 0, going through yellow to pure red at a carbon intensity of 215g/kWh.

  • The LEDs are dimmed between 11pm and 6am.

How to install

Use a Raspberry Pi with a Sense HAT board and the latest RaspiOS Lite ("Raspbian Buster Lite")

Get an internet connection for it and SSH access to it from a desktop machine.

Update the package lists with sudo apt-get update.

Install Git and clone this repository.

cd carbonhat

Reboot and it should start automatically


  • Make an INI file so other users can enter their own postcode instead of having mine hard coded :)

  • Make it actually control a dual fuel gas/electric heating system


Display carbon footprint of UK electricity on a Raspberry Pi/Sense HAT







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