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A flash card app for Android that uses definitions from Connexions collections and modules.

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QuizCards is a flashcard app intended for students using a Connexions ( or OpenStax College ( textbook. The app...

  • pulls glossary terms from a Connexions or OSC chapter (module) and creates a deck of flashcards
  • has 3 modes
  • Study - displays the term and the definition
  • Self Test - Terms are displayed, but definitions are hidden
  • Quiz - 3 random definitions are displayed from the deck. Only one is correct.
  • allows creation of your own deck of cards
  • allows editing of downloaded decks

You can give it a test drive by searching for "OpenStax College Physics". Select a module and view the resulting deck.

Permissions used by the app:
  • Internet - used to retrieve content from Connexions. App is TOTALY AD FREE!
  • Write External Storage - used to store downloaded decks of cards on your phone.
  • Access Network State - used to check if a data connection is available before retrieving content.

This open source app was developed as a Google Summer of Code 2012 project.

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