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CratesPlus is a highly used and feature rich crates plugin, that supports Bukkit + Spigot from version 1.7 all the way to 1.13.1.

Development Build


The latest dev build of this can be downloaded from the link on the image above. Please note this version can be buggy and will have uncompleted features and some features may be removed before release. Please backup your config before using a dev build!

CratesPlus 5.0 Important Notice

The latest development builds are for CratesPlus 5.0, I can NOT stress enough that this version has some major changes which are likely to break things during development. Please don't use this on a live/public server.

Stable Builds

You can download stable builds from the Spigot versions page.


For full information, commands and features visit the Wiki.


Please report any issues into the GitHub issues. Do not post them on the Spigot thread or PM me. You can use '/crate debug' to generate a copy of all the data I should need to assist with the issue.

If you report an issue which has been fixed or does not contain the information required it may be closed without any notification.


To see the full changelog for all publicly released versions checkout the Changelog File.