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A string-friendly langauge
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A string-friendly langauge

Everything is implicitly treated as a string character, and the strings are printed implicitly after execution. If you want to perform commands, you must enclose them within {...}. To use {, }, use the escape character \. Or, if you simply wish to use a single command, you use the vertical bar character |. To use shorthand for a word, use the :...:. This will write that sequence to the current string.

<	push current string to the stack
>	pop current string for writing
+	concat top two entries on stack (str,str)
	add two numbers (num,num)
	repeat str num times (num,str)
*	writes str2 at the num index of str1 (overwrites) (str1,str2,num)
	multiply top two numbers of stack (num,num)
	concat top two entries on stack in a reverse order
$	switch top two entries
v	pop stack and write to current string (implicit at the }, suppressed if ` is met)
~	duplicate the top of the stack
i	read entity of input and push to stack
0-9	push numeric literal
/	divide top two entries on stack (num,num)
	writes str2 at the num index of str1 (inserts) (str1,str2,num)
-	subtract top two entries on stack (num,num)
	remove last num characters from end of str (str,num)
@	reverse current string
U	sentence case current string
R	push a random number between 0 and the popped number
l	push the length of the top string
L	push the length of the current string
c	copy current string to stack
?	pops top byte; if it is truthy, execute next command, otherwise skip it
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