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A pretty ordinary-looking language.
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Codename Dragon

A pretty ordinary-looking language.


Codename Dragon (CDragon for short) is a programming language that is implemented with a shunting-yard algorithm. Thus, it has virtually no syntax erros in the way of formation of code. CDragon is also a symbollic language, which means that it prefers symbols instead of codewords. In many cases, parentheses (and even spaces) are optional due to it's parsing nature. For example, all of the following are equivalent-functoin Hello, World! programs:

disp("Hello, World!");
disp "Hello, World!");
disp"Hello, World!";

Statements are seperated in a C-style fashion, i.e. with semicolons. Semicolons are optional at the end of the program.

Currently, the capacity of CDragon is limited, lacking conditionals and loops.

The goal

CDragon is an experimental language. It is made for the web (akin to JavaScript), but is not limited as thus.


  • disp - print an entity, or each element of that entity
  • (more to come.)
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