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hexdump utility by Juergen Weigert; patches submitted to vim
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xxd - a hexdump utility by Juergen Weigert, v1.11 by Vadim Vygonets

This version is based on V1.10 27oct98 by Juergen Weigert.
Between 2000 and 2011 it accumulated patches by the Vim team and
others.  In 2013 it was pulled out of the Vim tree, had a couple
of features added and was pronounced version 1.11.

Original copyright statement:

	(c) 1990-1998 by Juergen Weigert (

	Distribute freely and credit me,
	make money and share with me,
	lose money and don't ask me.

Changes since V1.10:

	Vim era: bugfixes, stability, portability
	v1.11: little-endian hexdump, file position display offset

Authors and contributors:

	Antonio Colombo (?)
	Axel Kielhorn
	Bram Moolenaar
	Tony Nugent
	Dominique Pelle
	Florian Zumbiehl
	George V. Reilly
	James Vega
	Juergen Weigert
	Lawrence Woodman
	Phil Hanna
	Stephen P. Wall
	Vadim Vygonets
	Zoltan Arpadffy

and probably others.
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