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A little app that reimplements a tool we (the Rapportive team) use internally. [This version is intentionally broken, but is acting as a play ground for]

The plan was to use it to come up with a way to share code between iPad and iPhone apps, but I don't know how feasible that actually will end up being.

Installation in 50 easy steps!

Step 0 -> 10. Install latest OS X, iOS, Xcode (app store) and Ruby Motion

Step 11. Run rake to compile and build the app for the simulator.

Step 12 -> 46. Get a valid provisioning profile for "com.rapportive.Commune" ("com.rapportive.*" or just "*" will also work) that includes a developer key you have installed on your laptop and also the device you want to deploy it on.

Step 47. Remove my configuration from the Rakfile

Step 48. rake device

Step 49. (if step 12 didn't work) Add your configuration to the Rakefile

Step 50. rake device


  • Split the layout code out of the controller

  • Make the person chooser view a UIView subclass

  • Add an awesome background texture

  • Add an awesome animation for selection

  • Robustify the HTTP call