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JsLib is a collection of loosely coupled JavaScript classes programmed to an
interface not an implementation, providing the foundation for industrial
strength object oriented thick client web applications. This is released under
the LGPL license.
Author: Greg Burghardt
Email: greg [underscore] burghardt [at] yahoo [dot] com
* EventPublisher - A class allowing objects to publish events on topics to
one or more listeners
* Event - A class providing the basic foundation for messaging between
objects, used by EventPublisher's
* DOMEventRouter - A class the associates controllers with special anchor URLs
in <a> tags
* From an element inwards, handle events.
* Attach click handler to root element
* If root is a form, attach to submit
* If click target does not have a data-click-action attribute, climb up the DOM tree
until one is found. If none is found, fail silently. If one is found, notify
the controller registered to this action. If none found, fail silently. If
found, process route. Cache route. Call method on controller
* attributes
* data-click-action, data-submit-action, data-focus-action, data-blur-action
* ConnectionPool - A class allowing AJAX objects to be reused, utilizing the
Delegate pattern
* FormController - A controller class providing a base class for any
controller that must process a form
* MultiViewFormController - A controller class that must coordinate multiple
* Service - A base class for any data that needs to be automatically updated.
This will extend from the EventPublisher class.
* StreamingService - Data is streamed to the client, maybe via Strophe?
* PollingService - Data is polled for by the client