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An iPad client for the awesome
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Airpad is an iPad app to work with the awesome service.

It's not quite ready to be packaged into the app store yet, but feel free to fork and build your own copy; double points if you send patches back to me :).

NOTE: I'm not affiliated with Airbrake in any way, I just use their service.


  • Listing all exceptions.
  • Resolving exceptions (uses the same delightful slider as the main website).
  • Per-exception occurance infographic (represents the first and last time an exception happens, along with its expected frequency, to easily allow seeing which problems are now resolved).
  • Regexp searching on exception title.
  • Filtering by "project".
  • Showing the backtrace.
  • Showing the exception parameters.
  • Opening the airbrake page for an exception.

NOTE: if you want to clear out old "resolved" exceptions, you'll have to kill the App using the iPad task pane, and start it up again. (see TODOs).


  • Currently AirPad's syncing logic is waay-overblown, and has terrible UX. (I used this app as an excuse to learn CoreData, I guess it shows :p).
  • I want to somehow create a way to compare different occurances of the same exception.


  • Sometimes the "resolved" tick mark doesn't appear in the sidebar, I think this happens more reliably if you switch to a different exception while the previous one is still being resolved.
  • I'm sure there's still some invalid XML that the heuristic-fixer isn't catching.
  • Sometimes a parameter field will appear empty, though large (implying that it's measured out space for a lot of text, but just isn't showing it).


Licensed under the MIT license, contributions and bug reports welcome :).

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