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The console.log gem allows you to log to the Javascript console from ruby/rails apps.


  1. Call console.log in rails.

    def load_user
      user = User.where(email: 'foo@bar.com')
      console.log "User: ", user
  2. Open your browser's developer console.

    Screen shot

  3. (optional) Scream with delight!


  1. Add gem "console.log" to your Gemfile.

    gem "console.log" # makes console.log available in ruby
  2. Bundle install

    bundle install



See the full documentation for console.log, which shows you how to use colour and various other formatting tweaks.


If you want a little yellow triangle beside your message, call console.warn instead of console.log.


If you want your text to be bright red, call console.error instead of console.log.


I wrote it to solve 2 problems:

  1. It's hard to use rails logs for debugging because they're noisy, or (if you use something like pow) completely hidden. Using console.log lets you easily see only log messages in this request.
  2. When working on the js for Bugsnag I kept accidentally typing console.log into Rails. Now that works!


console.log is licensed under the MIT license, see LICENSE.MIT for details. Contributions and Bug Reports welcome!