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#!/usr/bin/env python
from argparse import ArgumentParser
from nntplib import NNTP, NNTPError
from collections import namedtuple
from email.utils import parseaddr, parsedate
from email.header import make_header
from time import mktime, ctime
from sys import stdout, stderr
import re
Message = namedtuple('Message', ['number', 'subject', 'poster', 'date', 'msg_id', 'references'])
class FatalError(RuntimeError):
def limit(generator, limit):
return only the first limit items from the given generator
for c, x in enumerate(generator):
if c > limit: raise StopIteration
yield x
class Thread(object):
def subject_identifier(msg):
Returns a prefix that we expect all patches to start with,
having numbers replaced by X
>>> subject_identifier("[PATCH 00/20] do something cool")
>>> subject_identifier("Re: [PATCH v2 1/2] do that better")
Re: [PATCH v2 X/X]
Importantly, adding a Re: should break the sequence.
return re.sub(r"[0-9]+/", "X/", msg.subject.split("]")[0] + "]")
def sortkey(msg):
Sort patches lexicographically, with the expedient change that
numbers are sorted numerically.
>>> sortkey("[PATCH 9/10]") < sortkey("[PATCH 10/10]")
>>> sortkey("[PATCH 9/10]")
["[PATCH ", 9, "/", 10, "]"]
splits = re.split(r"([0-9]+)", msg.subject)
for x in range(1, len(splits), 2):
splits[x] = int(splits[x])
return splits
def __init__(self, start_msg):
self.first = start_msg
self.ignored_references = set(start_msg.references)
self.ids = set([start_msg.msg_id])
self.thread = [start_msg]
self.thread_identifier = self.subject_identifier(start_msg)
def should_include(self, msg):
Should this message be appended to this thread?
TODO: This logic is a bit "meh", it would be nice to support
numbered sequences of patches with the threading a bit squiffy,
as well as well-threaded sets of patches with no numbers.
return (msg.poster == self.first.poster and
self.subject_identifier(msg) == self.thread_identifier and
(set(msg.references) - self.ignored_references) <= self.ids)
def append(self, msg):
def in_order(self):
return sorted(self.thread, key=self.sortkey)
class Archive(object):
def is_diff(body):
return bool([line for line in body if line.startswith("diff ")])
def __init__(self, group, server):
self.conn = NNTP(server)
resp, count, first, last, name = = group
self.server = server
self.first = int(first)
self.last = int(last)
def get_number_from_user(self, msg_id):
Convert something the user might input into a message id.
These are:
# An NNTP message number
# A gmane link that includes the NNTP message number
# The original Message-Id header of the message.
NOTE: gmane's doesn't include the message number in STAT requests
that involve only the Message-Id (hence the convolution of getting
all the headers).
msg_id = re.sub(r".*[0-9]+).*", r"\1", str(msg_id))
_, n, id, result = self.conn.head(msg_id)
for header in result:
m = re.match(r"Xref: .*:([0-9]+)\s*$", header, re.I)
if m:
return int(
raise FatalError("No (or bad) Xref header for message '%s'" % msg_id)
def get_patch_series(self, user_input, search_limit=100):
Given an NNTP message number or a Message-Id header return
an mbox containing the patches introduced by the author of that message.
This handles the case where the threading is right *and* the patches
are numbered in a simple scheme:
[PATCH] this patch has no replies and stands on its own
[PATCH 0/2] this is an introduction to the series
|- [PATCH 1/2] the first commit
|- [PATCH 2/2] the second commit
[PATCH 1/3] this is the first commit
|- [PATCH 2/3] and this is the second
|- [PATCH 3/3] and this is the third
TODO: it would be nice to make the search more efficient, we can
use the numbers in [PATCH <foo>/<bar>] to stop early.
start_id = self.get_number_from_user(user_input)
messages = limit(self.messages_starting_from(start_id), search_limit)
thread = Thread(
except StopIteration:
raise FatalError("No message at id '%s' using XOVER")
n_since_last = 0
for message in messages:
if n_since_last > 5:
elif thread.should_include(message):
n_since_last = 0
n_since_last += 1
raise FatalError('did not find end of series within %s messages', search_limit)
for message in self.xover(start_id - 5, start_id -1):
if thread.should_include(message):
return self.mboxify(thread)
def mboxify(self, thread):
Convert a thread into an mbox for application via git-am.
lines = []
for message in thread.in_order():
_, number, msg_id, body = self.conn.body(str(message.number))
# git-am doesn't like empty patches very much, and the 0/X'th patch is
# often not a patch, we skip it here. (TODO, warn the user about this)
if" 0+/[0-9]+", message.subject) and not self.is_diff(body):
poster = parseaddr(message.poster)[0]
date = ctime(mktime(parsedate(
lines.append("From %s %s" % (poster, date))
lines.append("From: %s" % message.poster)
lines.append("Subject: %s" % message.subject)
lines.append("Date: %s" %
lines.append("Message-Id: %s" % message.msg_id)
lines.append("Xref: %s %s:%s" % (self.server,, message.number))
lines.append("References: %s" % "\n\t".join(message.references))
lines += body
return "\n".join(lines)
def messages_starting_from(self, start_id):
Generate all message headers starting from the given id and working upwards.
while start_id < self.last:
next_id = min(start_id + 20, self.last)
for message in self.xover(start_id, next_id):
yield message
start_id = next_id + 1
def xover(self, begin, end):
Get the headers for the messages with numbers between begin and end.
if begin == end:
return []
_, result = self.conn.xover(str(min(begin, end)), str(max(begin, end)))
result = [Message(int(number), subject, poster, date, msg_id, references) for
(number, subject, poster, date, msg_id, references, size, lines) in result]
return sorted(result, key=lambda x: x.number)
def main():
parser = ArgumentParser(description="""
git fetch-series downloads a patch series from usenet.
""", epilog="""
NOTE: If your usenet server is hard to connect to, set up a netrc(5) file.
""", prog="git get-series",
usage="git fetch-series [-s SERVER] [-n NEWSGROUP] ID | git am")
parser.add_argument('-s', '--server', default='',
help="Which news server to connect to.")
parser.add_argument('-n', '--newsgroup', default='gmane.comp.version-control.git',
help="Which newsgroup to read out of")
parser.add_argument('id', help="The message id or number of the first message in the patch series")
opts = parser.parse_args()
a = Archive(opts.newsgroup, opts.server)
print a.get_patch_series(
except NNTPError as e:
stderr.write("NNTP %s: %s\n" % (opts.server, e.message))
except FatalError as e:
stderr.write("fatal: %s\n" % e.message)
except KeyboardInterrupt:
if __name__ == "__main__":