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A replacement for `go build` that includes static assets
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gotar is a drop-in replacement for go build that also includes any static files (e.g. html, templates, and javascript) within the resulting binary.


go install


Instead of running go build, run gotar. That's it!

You can continue to use $GOOS and $GOARCH to control cross-compilation as normal.

No changes to your app code are required unless you rely on the working directory. See Notes.


gotar works by creating a self-extracting tar file with your app in it. When the gotar app is run it:

  1. exports the current working directory to the $GOTAR_PWD environment variable
  2. creates a temporary directory (and exports as $GOTAR_DIR)
  3. cds into $GOTAR_DIR
  4. untars all of your files
  5. execs your app.

If your app doesn't depend on its working directory (e.g. servers) then this will work flawlessly. However if you need access to the working directory you now need to access it via os.Getenv("GOTAR_PWD") instead of os.Getwd().

The current implementation creates a new temporary directory each time the application is run. You can run rm -r $GOTAR_DIR when your app quits to reclaim this space.


By default gotar will include the entire current directory and all subdirectories. If you only want a subset of your files to be included, list them in a .gotar file at the top level. This file consists of several patterns, one per line. If the pattern contains a ** then it will match all files in the specified directories and subdirectories.Otherwise the pattern is passed to filepath.Match.


gotar is licensed under the MIT license (see LICENSE.MIT). Contributions and bug reports are welcome.

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