A port of the awesome ASN.1 Javascript Decoder for GPG messages
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An in-browser decoder for RFC 4880 (aka PGP/GPG messages).

It doesn't decrypt anything, but it is useful for debugging the (rather obscure) packet format used by GnuPG and other PGP apps.

screen shot


I'd recommend you use the version on my site at http://cirw.in/gpg-decoder/, but if you're debugging sensitive stuff and are really paranoid you might want to run it on a friendly web-server of your own.


There's a lot of RFC 4880, I mostly just implemented the bits I needed at the time. If you need anything added, please send a pull request :).


Massive thanks to Lapo Luchini for his work on the ASN.1 Javascript decoder.


Unless otherwise specified the code is Copyright 2013 Conrad Irwin (see LICENSE.MIT) for details.

Most of hex.js is Copyright 2008-2013 Lapo Luchini, see the header in that file for details.